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What is ChallengeStreamer?

With we create THE platform to offer the community the possibility to challenge their Twitch and YouTube streamers easily and quickly. We are not a streaming platform of our own, we just extend the possibilities of streaming similar to Tipeeestream or Streamlabs. To create a challenge, you can choose from a selection or write your own challenges. From the beginning, the community determines via our platform the reward that the streamers will receive if they complete the challenge. This way we guarantee the payment of the reward for the streamers. The streamers can easily use our platform via dashboard, Twitch extension and their own challenge page. Similar to Streamlabs, the streamers get their own page where the community can post their challenge.

What are the first steps on ChallengeStreamer?

Register with your Twitch or YouTube account and let our dashboard tour you through all the important information and areas.

How did the idea for ChallengeStreamer come about?

The idea for the platform came to us from a few streamers who often received challenges via donation. For example, viewers donated 5€ and said: "Win the next round and I'll donate you 50€". So they set a challenge. Then when the streamer did the challenge and put in the effort, there wasn't the reward that was promised. Our goal is to create a platform where viewers can easily set a challenge for their streamers and set a reward. This reward is given to the streamer if they complete the challenge. If not, the viewer keeps it. This means our platform simplifies the interaction regarding challenges for the community and guarantees the reward for the streamer.

What are the main features of ChallengeStreamer?
  • Set and receive challenges
  • Earn money
  • Public and private challenges
  • Achievements and Level-UPs
  • Increase reach
  • Daily rewards
  • More interaction with the community
Is ChallengeStreamer free to use?

Yes, ChallengeStreamer is free to use. Our reward system is simple and straightforward. Our streamers are rewarded with credits. These credits work similar to Twitch Bits and can be purchased directly from the viewer and given to the streamer as a reward. If the streamer fails the challenge, the viewer gets the credits back.

What are credits?

Credits are ChallengeStreamer's own currency to reward streamers or participants in a public challenge. With the help of the credits we ensure that all participants get their credits back at any time, e.g. if a challenge is not completed. ChallengeStreamer receives a commission for the purchase of the credits.

How much money do I earn with ChallengeStreamer?

This question cannot be answered in a general way. It depends on your community and your own motivation. The more challenges you do, the more you earn with ChallengeStreamer. Promote our platform to your friends or start public challenges. It's up to you!

When can I withdraw my money?

Similar to Twitch, we pay you your money easily and uncomplicated via PayPal or bank transfer. All you have to do is collect an amount of 100€ and click on pay out in the dashboard. We will take care of everything else for you.

Does ChallengeStreamer secure my challenges?

Yes, ChallengeStreamer was founded to create secure challenges. We secure both viewers and streamers and guarantee the payout. If a streamer fails the challenge, the viewer gets the reward back and can use it to create a new challenge.

How do I become a ChallengeStreamer partner?

There are two types of the partner role. With the help of Achievements you can collect XP and unlock the Partner role. This gives you special benefits and rewards. Furthermore, there are the company partners, who work in direct cooperation with ChallengeStreamer. Contact requests are accepted via support email.

What should I do if I have a question or problem?

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us via or Discord. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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