Your platform for live challenges on Twitch and YouTube. Get paid challenges from your community as a streamer.

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Your platform for live challenges on Twitch and YouTube. Get as a streamer the opportunity to receive paid challenges from your community.

Quick configuration

Register with your Twitch or YouTube account and let our dashboard tour fill you in on all the important information and areas.

Everything at a glance

Get all information about current challenges, your earnings, stats and daily rewards in your feed. Make all information visible with just a few clicks.

The community sets the limits

Every challenge comes from the creativity of your community. Unlimited creation of challenges and guaranteed payment of your rewards.

Features you won't want to stream without

Discover all the possibilities of ChallengeStreamer now.

Challenge a streamer

With we create THE platform to offer the community the possibility to create a challenge for their Twitch and YouTube streamers easily and quickly. To create a challenge, the community can choose from a selection or write their own challenges. From the beginning, the community determines the reward that the streamers will receive if they complete the challenge. Thus we guarantee the payment of the reward for the streamers.

Achievements and Level-UPs

Complete challenges and get XP to level up and unlock new benefits and rewards. Show your community that no challenge can stop YOU and you're fighting to win. Advance from streamer to affiliate, challenger and champion and get great benefits. Also connect your Discord account to get your role on our Discord server as well. It's up to you!

Statistics and reach

All information about past challenges, open challenges, earnings or top challengers is listed logically sorted in your dashboard. Earn more money with your streams and increase your reach through public challenges.

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More interaction with your community!

Updates, giveaways, chats

Everything you need to know

In our FAQ section we have answered all important questions and problems.

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Our platform lives from your feedback. Post your wishes and ideas in our Discord Feedback Channel now and vote on other suggestions.

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